-results to date from BV site.
Members successful in the sectional play were:
Matt Ellul
Cain Hanley
Bryce Young
Michael Sims
Curtis Hanley
The results so far of the knock out rounds are:
Matt Ellul 12 lost to Jayden Christie (Club Helensvale) 21
Bryce Young 14 lost to Zac Woning 21
Cain Hanley 21 defeated Jarryd Davies (Essendon) 15
Cain 21 defeated Max Goldsmith (Mulgrave CC) 16
Michael Sims 21 defeated Chris Richardson (Caulf Park/Alma) 7
Michael 19 lost to Giora Pomerantz (Caulf Park/Alma) 21
Curtis Hanley 21 defeated Andrew Fowler-Brown (St Kilda) 7